10 Oct [MMA] 
Reece McLaren victorious at One Championship: Reign of Dynasties [VIDEO]

Gold Coast-based Reece McLaren returned to the cage on Friday night where he took on the undefeated Finnish fighter Aleksi Toivonen.

The bout took place in Singapore as part of the ONE Championship: Reign of Dynasties event.

Toivonen came into the bout with an unblemished 7-0 and was to provide stiff competition to McLaren who is ranked number 5 in the promotions bantamweight division.

During the fight McLaren missed and slipped with an early hick kick as he bounced back to his feet. The two clinched and they battled for position against the cage. The two separated and exchanged singular shots from the outside.

Midway through the round, McLaren started to take control, momentarily dropping his 28-year-old opponent. McLaren increased the tempo, dominating the centre of the cage. The fighters clinched again and this time a sharp knee to the abdomen, dropped Toivonen and ended the contest.

McLaren moves to 14-7 (One Champion 7-4), while Toivonen drops to 7-1, 2 no-contest (One Championship 1-1).

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