About us

This site was created for myself and a few friends who love the MMA world. We wanted to keep up to date on all the most popular news sources.so I created something to aggregate news from the top MMA news sources.

By creating a free account you can get daily or weekly email digests of all our news by email. This was something I wanted to add. It will add the last 24 hours or last 7 days worth of news right to your inbox so you can read up on everything MMA related while you drink your coffee.

If we are missing any news sources, please do not hesitate to email us at Contact and we will add it.

We do set a cookie on your machine but its only purpose is to show you what is new since your last visit to the site. We do collect your email address when you sign up but will never sell or give that address away. We will only use it for news reports that you have signed up for once you create your account. We may send you an email with site updates but that is doubtful as we do not want to bother anyone. Just to state it clearly, we will NEVER give or sell your email address to anyone. It will only be used for mmahavoc related content.