01 Apr - 
Viral bodybuilder Mike O'Hearn confirms fight against Rampage Jackson

The world of combat sports is becoming more strange with each passing day and this time, Rampage Jackson has found himself in the middle of the madness.

Rampage has had a long, successful career in the sport of mixed martial arts and proved to be one of the best fighters in the world during his prime. However, his accolades haven't stopped viral bodybuilder Mike O'Hearn from welcoming a fight against the former UFC champion.

As stated by Bloodsport Bushido on X, several names have been confirmed for their event in Tokyo, Japan on June 22. Both Rampage Jackson and Mike O'Hearn stood out among the list of names announced to be in action on the card.

Alongside Bloodsport Bushido's announcement on social media, Mike O'Hearn also made the bout official on his Instagram page. 

The bodybuilder thanked Josh Barnett for making the weird but wonderful bout come to fruition.

Aside from his bodybuilding and modeling career, Mike O'Hearn is best known for being a viral social media meme accompanied by an altered version of the Haddaway song, "What Is Love".

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What is Josh Barnett's Bloodsport?

Josh Barnett held his first Bloodsport event back in April of 2019, with the headlining bout being Barnett himself taking on Minoru Suzuki.

Bloodsport has a unique ruleset—which is almost a mixture of professional wrestling and mixed martial arts.

The athletes compete inside something similar to a traditional wrestling ring, though the ropes and turnbuckles have been removed, leaving just the canvas.

While each fight is pre-planned like professional wrestling, each matchup must end with one competitor winning by a knockout or submission.

Rampage Jackson isn't the first UFC alumni who have fought inside the Bloodsport ring. Frank Mir, Shayna Baszler, Tom Lawlor, Dan Severn, and Matt Riddle, alongside the aforementioned Josh Barnett, have all partook in a Bloodsport event.