26 Mar - 
Michael Bisping weighs in on 'disgusting' UFC Vegas 89 biting incident

In the second bout on the UFC Vegas 89 fight card last weekend, flyweight Igor Severino was disqualified after biting Andre Lima in the second round.  Severino was released by the fight promotion and faces possible disciplinary action from the Nevada State Athletic Commission.  

Former middleweight champion Michael Bisping reacted to the incident and called Severino's actions 'disgusting.'  

"That is insane," Bisping said on the Believe You Me podcast.  "He's a skilled mixed martial artist.  He was looking good.  Apparently, he was undefeated.  They both were.  I don't know much about where he's from in Brazil, but I'm assuming that it's a tough part of town."

"You've got to be a certain type of person to resort to biting someone.  He wasn't even getting his ass kicked.  He wasn't even getting choked out," Bisping continued.  "If you think of gentlemanly conduct, like fair game in the boxing, in the jiu-jitsu world.  They'll fight with their fists and when someone hits the floor you don't follow them down."

"Who in their right minds, even on the streets in a street fight, unless you're going to get murdered and then you do what you can.  Unless the guy comes to your house and is really trying to do something bad then whatever you can find.  

"If you're getting into a one on one fight and you resort to biting the guy.  I'm sorry.  That's disgusting.  Utterly disgusting," Bisping said.  "   

With the disqualification,  Severino suffered his first career loss, but he lost more than just a fight.  He lost respect; respect for his opponent, the rules, and the sport.