11 Jun - 
MMA SQUARED: Cyborg is considering free agency, and has four legit options

Part Fedor, part Ben Askren, the relationship between Cyborg and the UFC has been tenuous at best. Could another promotion be a better fit?

It sounds simple at first, but where should Cyborg go? What is “best” for her, is it to remain active? In that case I’d wager Bellator which actually has women’s divisions and where she has a relationship with Scott Coker dating back to Strikeforce.

But if her desire is to make headlines, then perhaps Rizin would be a better landing pad. A new year’s eve show headlined by Cyborg vs Gabi Garcia commands our attention like almost no other women’s fight could.

Maybe Cyborg just wants to make a solid amount of money and not work too hard. There’s ONE place I can think of that did a fine job helping Ben Askren do just that.

Looking at these options it makes you wonder, why would Cyborg return to the UFC?

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