10 Jun - 
MMA SQUARED: Cejudo forces White to issue statement on flyweight division

Henry Cejudo has been putting together a stellar resume, and his media presence is at the point where the UFC might have to keep flyweight around for a minute.

This past January TJ Dillashaw bragged that he was going to kill the flyweight division, but Henry Cejudo kept it on life support. After one round of last night’s main event, it looked like Marlon Moraes was the division’s assassin until Cejudo put on one of the best performances of his career.

Through the progression of these events Henry Cejudo’s name and face have become a bigger part of the news cycle. His promotional flair while painful to watch, is painfully effective in its memetic quality and by extension elevates the visibility of the flyweight division and its plight. The more successful Henry Cejudo is, the harder it is for Dana White to cut the flyweight division.

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