09 Jun - 
Check out Cerrone’s eye that ballooned badly, ended Ferguson fight

Donald Cerrone lost in a slightly controversial and anticlimactic way.

Donald Cerrone vs Tony Ferguson was already delivering and looking as good as promised during the first two rounds. They were tied 1-1, and right as the second round ended, controversy struck.

Ferguson threw a hard, illegal shot after the bell that landed flush and netted him a warning from the referee. Seconds later, Cerrone blew his badly damaged nose and his eye instantly ballooned.

Cerrone couldn’t see, and the doctors immediately stopped the fight, leading into an anticlimactic end to the contest. The referee checked the replay to see if the punch landed on the eye, as the foul could change it to a disqualification or a no-contest. After determining the illegal strike connected on the nose and the face, instead of the swollen eye, the bout gets ruled a TKO victory for Ferguson.

The crowd erupted in boos, and both fighters were clearly disappointed at the outcome.

Check out highlights from the contest below, along with footage of that immensely swollen eye.