26 Jul [MMA] 
Dillon Danis set himself up to be roasted with this Khamzat Chimaev tweet

Dillon Danis obviously in an ace when it comes to Brazilian jiu-jitsu. His resume in that department speaks for itself.

As for MMA, though, the jury is still out on the Bellator prospect. Yes, Danis talks a big game (no surprise since he worships friend and mentor Conor McGregor). But we’ve only seen him compete twice since his debut in April 2018, although it’s worth noting that knee surgery last year hasn’t helped his cause.

Which brings us to Saturday night and UFC on ESPN 14, where Khamzat Chimaev made history by winning his second fight in 10 days to set a promotional record (outside of one-night tournaments back in the day). The thing with Chimaev, and why everyone is raving about him, is that he’s been so impressive on the mat, simply mauling both of his opponents until winning by submission and with vicious ground-and-pound, respectively.

Danis clearly is paying attention and after Chimaev’s win took to Twitter to say a little something.

i’d sub Chimaev easy �

Danis really set himself up with that one. A guy with two fights in two years talking trash about a guy who’s won two fights in 10 days? Twitter didn’t let him off the hook, either.

Check out these replies:

Danis even got a response from Chimaev.

I smash you with my eyes closed!!!

Sometimes it’s just better to say nothing at all.

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