19 Apr - 
Masturbating Beach Creep Gets Ass Handed To Him By MMA Fighter

Creeps and criminals in Brazil beware: you never know when the women you’re harassing may turn out to be mixed martial artist.

Earlier this year, a would-be robber with a cardboard gun tried to stick up UFC women’s strawweight fighter Polyana Viana. She boxed him up good, leaving him bruised and bloody for the police to arrest.

Now we’ve got a somewhat similar story, but this time the perpetrator was wielding something nastier than a soggy bit of cardboard. Amateur MMA fighter Joyce Vieira was in the middle of a swimsuit photoshoot on a Rio de Janeiro beach when some pervert showed up and started masturbating while staring at her.

Deadspin’s got the goods:

Vieira approached Ferreira and asked him to stop. It was then that she noticed he was “visibly erect, making noises and groaning.” Once again, Vieira told him to stop, to which she says he replied, “Why, you don’t like it? Come here.”

That was when she snapped. “It was very surreal. Generally people who are caught doing this always deny it, ‘No, no, no.’ He didn’t. He continued.” Vieira responded by kicking him. Ferreira punched her back. “But the punch made me even angrier. I wanted to kill him,” Vieira said.

Vieira went to work and started pummeling the man, who made a hasty retreat when bystanders started showing up. A police report was filed, with the man being identified and arrested soon after. As a defense he claimed to be urinating, not masturbating, when Vieira confronted him.