11 Apr - 
Costa fined by NYSAC for undisclosed violation, tells Romero to ‘quit being a b-tch’

Paulo Costa calls out Yoel Romero and claims he was fined by the NYSAC for using a stomach medication.

Now we know the reason why Paulo Costa was mysteriously pulled from his headlining bout with Yoel Romero at UFC on ESPN 3.

Kind of.

Speaking to Brazilian MMA outlet Combate in a recent interview, Borrachinha claims the New York State Athletic Commission (NYSAC) refused to license him due his use of Plasil, a stomach medication he used back in 2017.

“[Romero] came back from a reality show and could finally sign the contract,” Costa told Combate (h/t MMA Fighting’s Guilherme Cruz). “(But) on the same week the New York Athletic Commission asked me to talk about a stomach medication I had used. And they said: ‘For you to talk about this, unfortunately you won’t be able to fight. You will be ineligible for this fight because you have to notify us about what you used for your stomach.’ It was a simple medication, Plasil. That’s not doping. You take it when you have stomach pain. So, because of that, I didn’t understand it too, but they said I couldn’t fight, that I had to figure this out first.”

Romero accused Costa of using performance-enhancing drugs but later retracted his comments.

According to NYSAC spokesperson Lee Park, the athletic commission did not pull Costa from his headlining bout with Romero, but rather, fined the Brazilian $9,333.33. Costa has yet to pay the fine and is ‘not presently licensed’ by NYSAC.

“Evidence received and reviewed by the Commission conclusively showed that Mr. Costa failed to comply with Commission rules and policies regarding the use and disclosure of non-performance enhancing substances while licensed,” Park told MMA Fighting. The Commission shall have the authority to inquire into the affairs of licensees, permit holders and other authorized persons or entities, and into any matter which may affect combative sports or professional wrestling in New York in its discretion and without limitations. Licensees, permit holders, and otherwise authorized persons or entities shall cooperate fully with inquiries by the Commission.”

While all this is very confusing, and it’s not sure whether Costa is being investigated by USADA, the 27-year-old recently called out ‘Soldier of God’ on social media and told the Cuban to ‘quit being a b-tch.’

According to ESPN’s Ariel Helwani, the UFC is looking to reschedule Romero vs. Costa for June.

“Ronaldo Jacaré decided not wait for me in May and fight against someone I do not know who in Miami . So now the rivalry fight has arises again. Everyone wants to watch us collide , including me ( he needs pays for talking shit).” Romero quit being a bitch ... the reality show is over , time to show you this is as real as it gets!”

Costa claims he was offered to fight Souza at UFC on ESPN 3 after Romero pulled out of the bout due to pneumonia but that he couldn’t accept it due to the massive amount of weight he would have to cut in just 20 days.

“And now, 20 days before the fight, everything was cleared and they said I was cleared to fight,” Costa said to Combate. “But they only gave me 20 days (to prepare) and I wasn’t in camp, I wasn’t training hard because I stopped training when I knew I wouldn’t fight Romero. I was basically resting for a month, doing light training. They called me to fight in 20 days, gave me the opportunity to fight ‘Jacare’. I accepted it, but for May. It would be impossible (to fight on) April 27. I can’t cut 18kg (39.6 pounds) and train in high intensity in 20 days.”

Souza will now go on to face streaking middleweight Jack Hermansson in the new UFC on ESPN 3 main event. The event takes place later this month, April 27 at BB&T Center in Sunrise, Florida.