13 Mar - 
Watch Jorge Masvidal's NSFW self-defense seminar: It just 'might save your life and sh*t'

Worried about walking down dark alleys all alone? Don’t want to leave the house by yourself at night for fear of getting mugged? Neighborhood bully just won’t stop picking on you?

Let me tell you something: Jorge Masvidal’s got your back.

The UFC welterweight veteran, who meets Darren Till in the UFC on ESPN+ 5 headliner on Saturday, is enjoying the hospitality he’s received in London so far – despite the fact that it’s enemy territory for him. And during Wednesday’s open workouts at York Hall, Masvidal decided he wanted to “give something back to the community.”

What did he have in mind?

“I’m gonna teach some self-defense lessons that might save your life and shit, you know?” Masvidal told the crowd. “I know there’s a lot of players in England, you know. Somebody wants to run up on you. I’ll teach you some quick shit real quick.”

You might as well call this 3-minute seminar “How to Street Fight” by Jorge Masvidal. And it’s so good!

You can watch it in the video above.

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