12 Mar - 
Megan Anderson: I understand Cat Zingano's gripe on eye poke, but 'that's still a win on my record'

WICHITA, Kan. – It’s not like Megan Anderson doesn’t understand Cat Zingano’s viewpoint on their controversial finish at UFC 232. It’s just that Anderson, unlike Zingano, doesn’t believe there’s much that can be done about what happened.

Last month, the California State Athletic Commission denied Zingano’s appeal of her UFC 232 loss to Anderson in which Zingano was unable to continue after she was poked in the eye by Anderson’s toe on a head-kick attempt. Just prior to the disappointing outcome of her appeal, Zingano was clear in her belief that if the rules aren’t modified, then “it’s open season on eye pokes.”

Anderson, however, believes any change to the rules would be an overreaction to what she calls a “freak one-in-a-million kind of thing.”

“It was a head kick. Head kicks are not illegal,” Anderson, who was a guest fighter at UFC on ESPN+ 4, said backstage this past weekend. “So, there’s not really much you can change about that unless you want to make head kicks illegal, which some of the top 10 of UFC knockouts in history are coming from head kicks.”

Plus, Anderson pointed out, the fight-ending sequence is one she uses often. There was just something weird about how it played out this one time.

“I think it was just the range was a little long,” Anderson said, “she was trying to back away, she was turning away, kind of like a whole compound of circumstances that happened to be that specific finish.”

And so, the Anderson-Zingano saga comes to an end with Anderson still victorious, regardless of how how Zingano and others feel about the outcome. That’s something Anderson wants to make clear.

“I could understand where her team is coming from,” Anderson said. “For us, no matter what people say, that’s still a win on my record. … It doesn’t say ‘via kicking someone in the eye.’ It has a win next to your name. I got the win. No matter how it happened, it still happened.”

To hear more from Anderson, watch her full scrum in the video above.

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