11 Mar - 
The Break: Nobody can hate JDS, Derrick Lewis will be OK, and Conor McGregor can't be serious

Ever have one of those weeks and/or weekends when, by the time you get to Monday, you can barely remember everything that happened? That’s more or less every week in the world of combat sports, where the realm of the bizarrely newsworthy is pretty much where we live.

Which is why MMAjunkie columnist Ben Fowlkes brings you “The Break” to make sense of what just happened, presented in the time it takes to grab a refill of coffee before the boss notices you’re missing.

This week, we’re looking back at UFC on ESPN+ 4, where Junior Dos Santos proved that it’s impossible to hate him – and if you do, you have no soul. Also, don’t worry about Derrick Lewis; he’s gonna be fine. Boy, it sucks to be Tim Means, doesn’t it? But at least he has a great attitude about everything. And lastly, is this Conor McGregor vs. Donald Cerrone fight really not happening because of where it would be placedReally?

Check out the video above.

We’d like to say the news won’t always be like this, but come on, who are we kidding?

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