11 Mar - 
Ben Askren Hates Liars Like Jorge Masvidal

The late George Carlin, widely regarded as one of the greatest comedians of all time, stopped his entire set — while being recorded for an HBO special — to read an important announcement from the National Pancake Institute.

It read, “Fuck Waffles.”

I was reminded of that bit when Ben Askren decided to get his UFC London troll campaign underway this week, courtesy of his ever-growing Twitter account. “Funky,” who I can assure you is no Carlin, had nothing important to say.

He just wanted to remind everyone that yes, Jorge Masvidal sucks too.

“I actually don’t like Jorge Masvidal because I hammered him at ATT when I was training MMA for two months and he wants to pretend it didn’t happen,” Askren responded when challenged by a fan. “I don’t like liars.”

Askren could be in line to fight the winner of Till vs. Masvidal, who collide in the UFC on ESPN+ 5 welterweight main event this weekend across the pond (more on that here). Promotion president, Dana White, is more interested in that Robbie Lawler rematch, but it doesn’t sound like “Funky” will be putting pen to paper anytime soon.