10 Feb - 
UFC 234: Silva vs. Adesanya main card live results, discussion, PBP

Live, blow-by-blow updates for today’s UFC 234 main card from Melbourne, Australia.

Join us today on Bloody Elbow for live results, discussion, round scoring, and play-by-play as UFC 234 goes down in Melbourne, Australia.

The main event was supposed to see Robert Whittaker defending his UFC middleweight title on home turf against Kelvin Gastelum. Unfortunately Whittaker was scratched at the last second due to a hernia he has to have immediate surgery on. So the new main event of the show will see the legendary Anderson Silva taking on Israel Adesanya.

This post will cover the main PPV card.

The show kicks off on Fight Pass at approximately 7pm ET with two fights. The card then moves to FS1 at 8pm ET for four more bouts, then onto the main PPV card. The full lineup and schedule follows. The main card will be covered in a separate post.

Check out this week’s MMA Vivisection for predictions, analysis and betting odds on the each matchup.

Anderson Silva vs. Israel Adesanya

Round 1 - Measured start from both men. Outside leg kick from Adesanya. Silva with a slapping leg kick. Adesanya with a hook kick. Not a lot happening at all. Adesanya with a right. Another one and a knee. Silva drops his hands. Inside leg kick from Adesanya. Silva presses forward with two punches. Body kick from Silva. Silva with a counter left. Right over the top from Adesanya. Oblique kick from Anderson. Left from Adesanya and he just misses with a head kick. Adesanya with an inside leg kick. Silva spins. Adesanya lands a left. He misses with a head kick again. He does a little showboating before the end of the round, to the crowd’s delight. 10-9 Adesanya.

Round 2 - Silva with a counter right hook. Adesanya with a front kick. Silva with a body kick. Big combination from Adesanya when Anderson droped his hands. Silva with a spin kick. Straight left from Adesanya. Silva with a counter right again. Silva presss forward with punches again. Inside leg kick from Adesanya. Outside leg kick. Silva with twp jabs. Silva playing games. Outside leg kick and a left from Silva. A lot of feinting now. Silva comes at him again. He lands a couple of punches and a body kick. Close round. 10-9 Silva.

Round 3 - Outside leg kick from Adesanya. Silva feigns going down. Silva catches a kick and charges over for a flying knee that misses. Adesanya with a couple of kicks. Silva beckons him over to the corner against the fence. Side kick from Anderson. Silva’s eye is messed up. Adesanya is staring at him a bi now, and he backs off. Outside leg kick from Adesanya. Again. Silva with his own leg kick. Adesanya with more leg work and a left. Silva with a left. Adesanya trying the head kick but they’re being blocked. Counter right from Silva. Body shot from Adesanya. A left gets in for Israel. Silva with a hard jab. They both spin. Neither lands. Adesanya spins at the horn. 10-9 and 29-28 Adesanya.

Israel Adesanya defeated Anderson Silva via unanimous decision (29-28, 30-27, 30-27)

Lando Vannata vs. Marcos Mariano

Round 1 - Mariano with a couple of front kicks. Low kicks from both men. They just keep kicking. They clinch up and Vannata uses a body lock to take Mariano down. Vannata methodically working with a few elbos. He tries to step over to side but can’t. Back to full guard. Not much happening. Vanatta sits up and lands a few punches. Mariano not trying to get up. Two rights from Vannata. Big elbows. Vannata to north south. He grabs a key lock and Mariano taps right before the end of the round. That was nice.

Lando Vannata defeated Marcos Mariano via submission (kimura), 4:55 of round 1

Rani Yahya vs. Ricky Simon

Round 1 - Head kick from Yahya. They trade punches. Yahya circling. Simon lands a big uppercut. A quick right lands for Simon. Yahya with a jab. Yahya dives for an ankle but Simon easily steps away. Yahya stuns Simon and chase after him. Simon catches him coming in and drops him! He lets him up. Then drops him again with a left! Yahya back up but is still wobbly. Simon digs to the body. Big uppercut. Yahya fires back with a shot. Simon taking his time. Jab from Yahya. Left and a leg kick from Simon. Yahya with a combination. Simon ducked under and dumped Yahya on his back. He’s not joining him on the ground though. Big head kick from Simon. 10-8 Simon.

Round 2 - Yahya with two leg kicks. They trade hands. Simon dumps Yahya to the mat and kicks his legs for a while. Yahya jumps to his feet. Yahya lands a right and cuts Simon. Yahya shoots, Simon evades. Yahya goes to his back again but is up immediately. Yahya cracks Simon with a big right! He’s chasing Simon now. Simon eat another one. Simon just bodychecked Yahya to the floor. That was odd. Yahya with an illegal kick from the bottom, the ref lets it go. Simon closes out the round with some ground punching. 10-9 Simon.

Round 3 - Yaha drags Simon to the ground and framed up a triangle right away. Simon pulls out and backs off. Yahya back up. Yahya with a right hook. They both land hard shots. Yahya dives at Simon’s legs but can’t get a hold of him. Yahya misses with a big punch. The pace has slowed. Simon pancakes him on another takedown attempt. Simon landing punches whenever he wants, it seems. Yahya with an overhand right. Simon with another takedown. He enters his guard this time. They stall out there. 10-9 and 30-26 Simon.

Ricky Simon defeated Rani Yahya via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-25)

Montana De La Rosa vs. Nadia Kassem

Round 1 - De La Rosa presses straight forward with a bevy of punches. Kassem ends up on her back. De La Rosa tries to trap an arm and throw punches. Kassem trying to get her guard back but it’s not working. De La Rosa taking her time. Now shes back in full guard. De La Rosa tries to back out but can’t. They’ve stalled out a bit. There’s absolutely nothing happening ow, but the ref isn’t standing them up. The crowd is getting restless now. She’s in side control now. North-south. She’s looking for an armbar. Now a kimura. 10-8 De La Rosa.

Round 2 - De La Rosa starts the second exactly the same as the first. Charges forward with strikes, puts Kassem on her back. She steps over to mount. She has a reverse triangle, and she has a tight armbar on now. Somehow Kassem is still alive, but she’s in a regular triangle now. De La Rosa is landing elbows. She rolls on top, and still has the choke. Now she’s going for the armbar again, and Kassem finally taps.

Montana De La Rosa defeated Nadia Kassem via submission (armbar), 2:37 of round 2

Jim Crute vs. Sam Alvey

Round 1 - Inside leg kick from Crute. Head kick. Alvey with a left. Crute with a body kick. Crute still kicking. Typical slow start from Alvey. He scores with a nice left though. Crute kicking the legs again. Slapping high kick from Crute. He drops him with a crushing right. Crute thought it was over, but Marc Goddard let it go. Alvey looked for a takedown but Crute ends up on top. He lands a bunch of punches and now Goddard waves it off. Alvey is incredibly mad that the fight was waved off, and he thinks he was fine.

Jimmy Crute defeated Sam Alvey via TKO (strikes), 2:49 of round 1