07 Feb - 
Daley: Fighting MVP ‘puts me a step closer’ to million dollars

UK fighters Paul Daley and Michael Page had a heated encounter during the Bellator Newcastle presser in London on Wednesday.

After the recently-concluded heavyweight grand prix, Bellator will once again hold a tournament, this time involving its welterweight fighters. Kicking off the contest is a matchup between strikers Paul Daley and Michael Page, who have been verbally trashing each other for a while now.

The two men were the highlight of the Bellator Newcastle presser in London on Wednesday, and as expected, there was no love lost.

“It does nothing for me, really,” Daley said of his fight against Page (transcript via MMA Fighting). “It just puts me a step closer to the million dollars, it dispels the illusion a bit, but other than that it really does nothing.”

Daley also seemed to have qualms about Bellator’s promotional video of the fight entitled “Friends2Foes.”

“I have no relationship [with Page] and I find it funny, the tag, ‘Friends2Foes’, I was never his friend,” he said. “I work for the same promotion as him, we did a few PR shoots together; we were never friends. [MVP] says I can be a little bit erratic with all of this and I probably can be.”

Not to be outdone, Page responded with incendiary comments of his own.

“I wouldn’t spit on him if he was on fire,” Page said of Daley.

“He’s a little b-tch. The reason why this fight hasn’t happened years before is because he’s a little b-tch. Someone flashed a million dollars in his face and he still feels forced into doing it.”

All the talk between the two fighters will end on February 16th, when they face each other at the Mohegan Sun Arena in Connecticut.